We are living in the worst economic times since the

Fortunes have been lost.

Dreams have been shattered.

Hope is fading.


There is a place

A place where you can have the piece of mind of

knowing that

Your money is safe and secure even if the market

All your gains will be locked in so you never have a

Your income is guaranteed for life

For you and your spouse

Call NJAnnuity to find out about these options.


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Dear NJ Annuity,
We would like to thank you for the education you gave us on how to safely invest our money.  We can now sleep at night and not worry about our finances.
Sue and Jack from Princeton

Dear NJ Annuity,

We were at a loss of where to invest our money without risking our retirement.  We now have a plan that guarantees an income for life.  Thanks for all your help. 
Roger and Lisa from South Brunswick

Dear NJ Annuity,

We have about 10 years to retirement but wanted a safe haven for our retirement money.  Your company showed us how we can diversify without putting our whole nest egg at risk.  We would recommend your company in a heartbeat.

Amy and Arthur from Flemington

Dear NJ Annuity,

The stock market scared us so we turned to your company to seek out alternatives.  We felt very comfortable with your recommendations and did not feel pressured.  We appreciated your split bucket annuity idea.  I read a lot about annuities but never heard of this concept.  We will never run out of money with the annuities we have chosen.  Great work!

Len and Patricia from Monroe

Dear NJ Annuity,

I am a widow in retirement.  I needed advice of where to invest my money.  I wanted to pass on as much money to my kids as possible without risking my own retirement.  Your ideas have achieved this goal for me.   I gave your number to a few close friends.  Thank you for your excellent advice.

Lillian from Marlboro